The Work suspender uses either a X-Back Pattern or Y-Back Pattern and is designed to be used with a variety of attachments. It incorporates heavy-duty webbing with low to medium elasticity that is resistant to stretching and sagging under the weight of heavy work belts or pants. 


The Safety suspender utilizes either a X-Back or Y-Back Pattern and incorporates specific features such as high-visibility webbing, D-Rings, or additional waist attachment points when safety matters most. 


The Trucker suspender is worn like a vest and incorporates the X-Back Pattern. The arms go through the shoulder straps and connect to two attachment points on the front or sides of the pants. This design enables you to sit comfortably for hours without clips or leather ends pressing into your back, and is suitable for long-distance driving.


The Cinch-Up is an older style suspender design that incorporates small roller buckles for adjustment. It is commonly referred to as “The Old Logger.” The buckles operate similarly to a belt, with holes and a prong to make small length adjustments. This design uses a X-Back Pattern and incorporates D-Rings above the buckles, which can be used by loggers to attach small tools such as a measuring tape, a whistle, or chalk. 


The Industrial suspender incorporates a X-Back Pattern and Tuff Stuff™ webbing. This design helps ease the load of heavy equipment on a tool belt and utilizes Belt Loops with nylon hook and loop that wraps around the belt making it easy to attach and reattach as needed. Recommended for police officers or those carrying heavy equipment on their belts.


The Casual suspender utilizes webbing with a looser weave and greater elasticity in both solid or novelty patterns. This design is available in both X-Back or Y-Back, and is intended for light-duty use.

Strong Grip. Reliable Support.

Welch® suspenders are known for their strong, reliable gator clips. We buy the best quality clips, made with strong heavy-duty metal, to ensure they attach firmly to the waistband of most pants. Heavy-duty clips come in both silver and black finishes, have large teeth, and are either one and a half or two inches wide depending on the width of the webbing.

Welch® also offers light-duty clips that are easier to open for casual use.

If, for whatever reason, a gator clip comes apart after frequent use or wear and tear, it can easily be reassembled. Visit our FAQs page for instructions.