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The Story of Welch




welch building in 1967


Fred Welch had the idea to build a workwear accessories business. Little did he know, his idea would carry down through his family for five decades and have a lasting influence on the entire industry.

Like everything else he did, he dove head first and started working towards his dream alongside his wife and kids in Portland, Oregon. Initially the business sold a variety of workwear, belts, bags and other accessories.

Diana and suspenders in 1983


Fred’s daughter Diana, who had been part of the company most her life, helped expand the business to become the largest suspender manufacturer in the Western United States.

Diana and suspenders in 1983
welch building in 2019


Diana officially took the reins and narrowed the Welch product offering to what it did best: high quality USA-Made suspenders.

With plans to enjoy her retirment, Diana called up Travis Kindler, the owner of Kinco (after meeting and trading business cards at the tradeshow 15 years prior!), and they made a deal.

From one family to another

To anyone familiar with Kinco, you’ll understand why Diana was proud for Welch to merge with our family of companies. I should know, I’m the president. And like Diana, I grew up here in the Portland area working for and eventually taking over the family business. Both our companies have long prided ourselves on creating products of the highest quality, and offering industry-leading customer service.

We’ve always promised competitive prices that will lower your bottom line. So much so you’ll see increased profits in the first year of sales.

Travis Kindler