how to size suspenders

Suspenders come in a variety of lengths to accommodate different heights or body types, so to ensure the wearer gets the most comfortable fit, it’s critical to purchase the right size. When purchasing a certain length of suspender, it’s important to consider it is only possible to shorten the size, not lengthen (so size up!).

To ensure the best fit, we suggest the following steps to attach and size the suspender:

Step 1. Attach at back of waistband

Before putting on pants, fasten the suspenders to the back of the waistband, either with clips, buttons, or around the belt (depending on the style). Attach them to the fabric, never the belt loops.

Step 2. Bring over shoulder & straighten on chest

Raise the suspenders over the back and lift the straps over shoulders. Make sure the straps feel flat, comfortable, and centered between your shoulder blades. Having the suspenders too low will cause them to slip off shoulders.

Step 3. Attach to front waistband

Attach the suspenders to the front waistband of pants, either with clips or buttons depending on the style and attachments.

Step 4. Adjust as needed

Adjust the slider, toothed adjuster or roller buckle on the suspender webbing (typically found on the front of the body) to shorten or lengthen the straps to get the perfect fit. It might be necessary to remove the suspenders again to make minor adjustments.

how to use leather end buttons

Step 1

Push the tack through from the inside of the garment (button cap face should be on outside of garment).

Step 2.

Set the button face down on a very firm surface.

Step 3.

Place tack over the hole on the inside of the button and hit the tack firmly with a hammer.

Step 4.

Attach the hole of the Flat Leather End or Leather Tip of the suspender over the buttons to secure suspenders to pants.


  • First attach the suspenders to the back of the pants, put the pants on, drape the suspenders over your shoulders, adjust the straps to the most comfortable location, and then mark the front waist band locations with a pen. Attach buttons equal distance on both sides.
  • For the X-Back Pattern, four buttons should be placed on the front of the waist band (roughly 2.5 inches apart from one another, on either side of the zipper), and two buttons on the back (spaced so they are equi-distance and centered over each rear cheek).
  • For the Y-Back pattern, four buttons should be placed on the front of the waist band (roughly 2.5 inches apart from one another, on either side of the zipper), and two on the back (one button placed on each side of the center-back belt loop of the waist band).
  • A total of six buttons are required for all styles (with exception of 8-Point Safety design).

Flat Leather Ends

Industry Standard Innovation

The Flat Leather End is one of the most commonly used waist attachments for suspenders; however, it is less commonly known that Diana Welch, the previous owner of Welch® and the daughter of Fred Welch, invented it!

Because the version of the leather end the Welch family had purchased in previous years was no longer available, Diana put her thinking cap on and created her own. In 1982, she created the current “two piece swivel finger” design to help better distribute weight and add mobility.

This design was so innovative that it is now the industry standard and is used by most suspender manufacturers and resellers today.


health advantages

of wearing suspenders

better posture

When gentle pressure is applied to the shoulders, the body naturally wants to stand up straighter. Suspenders give a subtle reminder to stop slouching and have been proved to improve overall posture.

increases circulation

Belts are like tourniquets on the waist, constricting the midsection and compressing internal organs which causes discomfort and affects circulation. Suspenders ensures your skeletal structure is in alignment, and increases blood flow which is good for heart and overall health.

reduces back pain

Better posture has a direct effect on back pain and other ailments. It allows for more engagement of the core muscles, broadening your back and helping you hold your head high, which eases pressure on the back.

more comfort

Wearing suspenders allow for looser-fitting pants, removing the constricting band around your midsection, and helps you stand straighter. After just a few days you'll notice your better posture, less tension in your back, and will likely never go back to wearing a belt again.